1521 Homework Assignments

The homework for TECH 1521 is distributed by pdf packets.  For best results, these must be printed on a high-quality printer capable of producing grayscale images.

See Course Calendar for due dates.

Place the cover and grade sheets at the front of your packet.

Put your name on both the cover and grade sheets.

Packet 1 – Rev B Includes:

 Packet 2 – Rev B Includes:

Packet 3 – Rev B Includes:

 Packet 4 – Rev B Includes:



——————–archived material DO NOT USE————————-

Reference Only

Homework Packet 1 (Rev A) [DO NOT USE]

Homework Packet 2 (Rev A) [DO NOT USE]

Homework Packet 3 (Rev A) [DO NOT USE] (need to fix cut and fill)

Note: Homework Packet 3 requires the following AutoCAD file: strike_and_dip

Some homework pages have an accompanying YouTube Video:



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