Tensile Testing Lab

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Lab Report Sample

  • Rules for this report:
    • Do NOT include raw data in report
    • Summarize the data recommended by ASTM E8 – YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK IT UP.
    • Indicate if any data points are outliers and are removed
    • Show what calculations you used.
    • Show UTS on a graph
    • Show .2% Offset Yield on graph
    • Show Modulus of Elasticity on a graph
    • “Some speak and write as if they wanted to say something: others as if they had something to say.” — Archbishop Richard Whately


  • Tinius Olsen universal testing machine

Tinius Olsen Extensometer

Dial Calipers


LINK TO Raw Data – (Do not include raw data in report)

Gauge Length is 50.0 mm long
Hardness 92 Rb
Specimen Diameter is 6.37 mm (Final Diameter: 4.69)
Material is AISI 4130 Normalized Steel
Crosshead Speed: 2 mm/min
Peak Load: 21.3 kN
Fracture was cup and cone

See also:


Hint for getting your stress units to MPa:

  • First, know that a pascal is one N/m2.
  • Remember that to convert Pascals to MPa you divide by 1 million.
  • Notice you can do this with the units.
    • 1 square meter has 1 million sq mm
  • So 1 MPa could be 1 million N/m2 or one N/mm2
  • Now see that your are given kN/mm2.
  • All you need to do is to get to our “new” definition of MPa is multiply by 1000.
  • If you do this with the units, you wind up with N/mm2 which is the same as MPa.

kn per mm to MPA

HINT: to swap columns on scatter diagram:

  1. Right click on either axis.
  2. Click “Select Data.”
  3. Click “edit.”
  4. Swap column designations.

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