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Homework Assignment

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NOTE: If you do not have a signed proposal summary turned in withing one week of the the due date, you will be administratively dropped from the class.

Note: Here is what NOT to do in this class:

  • DO NOT give excuses.
  • DO NOT blame another person for your problems.
  • DO NOT turn in second-rate work.
  • DO NOT turn in something and say “it is terrible.”
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute (day) to get your work done.
    • NOTE: If you have special circumstances (potential National Guard duty, sick family members, etc.), it is more important to get your work done EARLIER, not LATER.
  • DO NOT turn in papers that are not stapled!  Points will be deducted for being unprofessional. By the way, THERE IS NO STAPLER IN THE COMPUTER LAB. And the office typically closes well before class starts, so PLAN AHEAD.
  • DO NOT turn in a chart as a section – easiest way to lose a letter grade or fail.

 Team Projects

Team projects will be written up as individual projects, treating other team members as a separate resource.  Both team members can share a single work breakdown structure, Gantt chart and presentation, but should submit separate overall proposals.

Homework:  Get a journal.   Be formulating a proposal in your journal.


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