Punch Press, Shearing, Bending, Punching

First, print these drawings and bring them to lab:

Mini Clip Drawing

Mega Clip – Bent Dimensions

Mega Clip (flat pattern)

Clip Eval

Part 1

Use the dieset provided to form a “mini clip” workpiece for each team.

“Reverse engineer” the workpiece and record your measurements on the “Mini Clip” drawing.

Each person will be responsible for one measurement on the mini clip drawing.

  • Indicate who made which measurement on the print.

Part 2

Design a new “mega clip” that is 8 times larger than the mini clip (bent dimensions).

Develop a flat pattern for the mega clip.

Each team will lay out and make a mega clip.

Part 3

Evaluate the actual dimensions of your team’s mega clip.  Record the actual scale factor of the finished dimensions on the evaluation sheet.

Turn in the clip eval sheet, and attach behind it all of the dimensioned drawings the team used to produce their clip.


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