US Manufacturing In Context – Infographic 0

US Manufacturing In Context – Infographic

From The manufacturing sector continues to be a mainstay of our economic productivity, generating $1.8 trillion in GDP in 2011 (12.2% of total U.S. GDP). U.S. manufacturing firms lead the Nation in exports:...

VW Camp Presentations 0

VW Camp Presentations

Session 1 What is a Robot? (presentation) CNC Demo Session 2 Making Robots Useful (Major Fields of Robotics) & Hobby Servos Servo Demo including Potentiometer Pneumatics & Hydraulics Session 3 Designing and Building a...

Taking Notes 0

Taking Notes

Taking notes is an important part of your college experience.  Not only is it good preparation for your test, it is also a valuable life skill.  Taking notes allows the student to remain engaged...