VW Camp Presentations

Session 1

What is a Robot? (presentation)

  • CNC Demo

Session 2

Making Robots Useful (Major Fields of Robotics) & Hobby Servos

  • Servo Demo including Potentiometer
  • Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Session 3

Designing and Building a Robot

  • Laser Cutter Demo
  • CAD Demo

Session 4

Basic Mechanics: Chassis Subsystem

  • Pulley Demo
  • Gear Demo
  • Fluid Power Demo
  • C.O.G. Demo
  • Support Polygon Demo

Session 5 & ff

KB2 Pre-Assembly & Inventory

KB2.1 Assembly

KB2.1 AutoCAD Drawing

UltrasonicPlusServos___working__original (Open this file with notepad and you can paste it into the Arduino IDE)



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