Arduino Basics is the place to start

What is Arduino?

Examples of what you can do with an Arduino

First, you will need to get your Arduino.  I recommend using an Uno.

You will need an A/B type USB cable.  I will have one you can use.

You will need a computer with administrative privileges.

Windows Setup

  • 1 | Get an Arduino board and USB cable
  • 2 | Download the Arduino environment (86 MB)
  • 3 | Connect the board
  • 4 | Install the drivers
    • My Windows 7 laptop showed the device as “unknown” until I installed the drivers.
  • 5 | Launch the Arduino application
    • It is in the directory where you put the environment files
  • 6 | Open the blink example
  • 7 | Select your board
    • Under “Tools”
  • 8 | Select your serial port
    • Under “Tools”
  • 9 | Upload the program

Here is Sylvia’s “Super Simple Adjustable Strobe.”  Sylvia will have you up and running with a cool project right away.


PWM Motor speed control



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