Lathe Simulator

This applet is a simple lathe simulator. Be sure to reset the e-stop before you start. There is a short video on Youtube showing how to get started.

There are no keyboard commands, actuate a lever by clicking it. Feed rate is in thousands of an inch per minute (e.g., 4.7 = 0.0047). This lathe will not be used for threading, therefore threading feedrates are not recognized and will not move the carriage.
To display the bed and carriage, click the lower right corner.
To see the feed rate chart, click “Feed Rates,” to clear the chart, click it.
If you hear the sickly grinding sound and the screen goes black, you stripped the gears (don’t change gears while the spindle is turning).

This applet requires java. I have noticed it does not run right if your soundcard is not compatible. Sorry about that.

To get started, click the E-Stop to pop it out, then turn the power on.




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