Line Through a Point, Parallel to another Line

Figure 4-1 Drawing a line through a given point, parallel to another line.

One method of drawing horizontal and vertical lines, perpendicular and parallel lines, and inclined lines is by using a straightedge (or a
T square) with a triangle. Another practical method of constructing straight lines is by using a drafting compass.
Figure 4-1 shows a method of drawing a line parallel to another line. Here, the line is to be drawn through given point C. To draw a line through C parallel to AB, place the needlepoint of the compass on any point D on AB, and strike arc CE. Shift the needlepoint to E, maintaining the same radius, and strike arc DF. Set a compass to a chord of arc CE, and lay off the chord DF from D, thus locating point F. A line drawn through F and C is parallel to AB.


(Source: NAVEDTRA 14069, U.S. Navy)

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